8 Unquestionable Benefits of IPE Wood Decking

If you’re looking for the best type of wood for your new deck, IPE wood is set to last you a lifetime. Here are the benefits and why you should choose IPE…

Never heard of Ipe? That’s okay. We’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know about this decking material. 

Ipe wood comes from a tree in the Handroanthus genus. The name is a Spanish word that is pronounced as “ee-pay”. The tree is native to South America, particularly the rainforest. You may also know it as Brazilian walnut.

If you’re thinking about adding on a deck or redoing an existing deck, you need to know about Ipe.

The popularity of Ipe wood is on the rise in the United States with good cause. It has some amazing features.

Keep reading to see the 8 reasons why you should choose Ipe wood for your decking project. 

1. It is Naturally Resistant to Rot 

Ipe grows in the rainforest. Because of this, the trees contain unique natural oils and very dense tree fibers.

The structure of Ipe protects it from the growth of molds and fungi. These molds and fungi can cause rot in the wood. 

Wood rot is a common problem that deck-owners face. You won’t have to worry about rot with a deck made from Ipe wood. This wood will last forever.

2. It’s Resistant to Most Insects 

Much like the resistance to rot, the resistance to insects can be attributed to its natural oils and density.

The tree grows in an environment that is teeming with insects. It needs natural protection from these invaders. The harvested wood maintains this insect resistance. 

This is a huge benefit to deck-owners. You won’t need to waste time thinking about insect-proofing your outdoor space. You can just enjoy it. 

3. It Exhibits Amazing Heat Dispersion

Walking out onto your deck in the sun and burning your feet is the worst. Why build a deck that gets too hot to use during the sunny season?

Unlike composite or plastic decks, which retain heat, Ipe wood disperses heat to keep your deck nice and cool. 

Ipe has a very low heat retention rate. It rapidly disperses the heat it absorbs from the sun. 

By building your deck slightly elevated off the ground, you increase the airflow underneath the deck. This, in turn, increases the natural heat dispersion of the Ipe wood. 

Your deck will be cool to the touch all summer long. 

4. It’s Sturdy and Still Stylish

When you’re deciding on wood for a project, you are usually faced with the question of function or fashion. Not so with Ipe wood. 

Ipe is both durable and beautiful. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

The wood is known for its smooth and uniform texture.  The grain is very fine with a slightly wavy texture. It is known for its warm, red tones. 

The wood is extremely durable, as detailed in the other 7 reasons to choose Ipe, but never compromises on looks. The aesthetic of this wood will make you thankful you chose it for years to come. 

5. It is Resistant to Fire 

Depending on where you live in the country, your fire risk may be pretty high. You don’t want to waste money building a deck onto your home that will increase your home’s flammability. 

You want to pick a material that will decrease the risk of fire. Ipe is a naturally fire resistant wood. 

It’s a superb choice for building a deck, especially in a wildfire sensitive area.

Ipe wood is often a top choice for rooftop decking. In closely built urban areas, a rooftop deck is a major fire hazard. Using Ipe offers a measure of fire protection.

6. Sustainably Sourced Options are Available

For those looking for a more green alternative, Ipe that has been sustainably sourced is a great choice.

In the face of tropical deforestation, Bolivia has taken large strides to protect its forests. The Rainforest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council have been working with companies in Bolivia to maintain a forest management plan. 

You can find Ipe from a sustainable source fairly easily. In addition to protecting the rainforest, you are also supporting local communities that work in the timber industry.

7. It Doesn’t Require Harsh Chemicals

Ipe wood for decking is naturally rotting and insect resistant.

This natural resistance means that you don’t need to pressure-treat the wood with harsh chemicals and preservatives.

This makes it a healthier choice for your family.

Unpressure-treated Ipe is still known to last for upwards of 25 years (with proper care this wood lasts closer to 100 years). You don’t need to feel like you are shortening the lifespan of your deck by opting out of harsh chemicals.

Sealing the wood with a rose oil-based product after installation is all the chemical exposure you’ll have to deal with. 

Reducing harmful chemicals in our backyards also means that fewer industry workers have to be exposed to harmful chemicals to produce long-lasting decking materials. 

Overall, it’s a healthier choice for us and the environment. 

8. It is Low-Maintenance

Ipe is a very dense hardwood. It requires minimal care. 

It doesn’t expand and contract as much as other materials during changes in temperature or moisture. This means that it will survive years of daily use without cracking or splintering. 

You won’t have to sand down your deck every couple of years to keep a smooth surface. You also won’t have to waste time and money replacing splintered or broken boards. 

You don’t need to seal your Ipe decking. Over time, the wood will turn to a sun-bleached silver color. As long as the aesthetic works for you, there is no reason you have to seal the deck. 

Sealing it will help maintain the warm tones, but it doesn’t increase the strength and durability of the deck – Ipe is strong and durable without it!

Most people will choose to wash down their deck in the spring with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner. Other than that, your Ipe decking requires little to no maintenance. 

Where to Buy Ipe Wood Decking

Aren’t you glad that now you know about Ipe wood? 

It’s the perfect choice of material for any deck project you have coming up this spring. Its natural properties and honest beauty make it hard to beat. 

Looking to buy Ipe wood for your next project? Check out our selection here. You won’t be sorry you chose Ipe. 

What Is Ipe Wood Decking?

Ipe decking comes from the trees of the Brazilian rainforest. Find out what makes Ipe wood decking the ideal choice for your next project.

Decks can give your property a lot of benefits and increase the value of your home.

The most important part about installing a new deck is deciding what to build it out of. There are all different types of decking materials out there, including woods and plastics and a mixture of both.

But if you want a beautiful and quality deck, you can narrow down those options to Ipe wood.


Keep reading to learn more about Ipe wood decking and why it makes the perfect home deck.

What Is Ipe Wood Decking?

Ipe, pronounced “ee-pay”, refers to seven different species of trees.

Each of these trees has its own, individual characteristics. Some are evergreen, others are semievergreen, some can be deciduous, and others still drop their leaves and grow flowers instead. But they’re all part of the same genus, Tabebuia, and they’re all native to South and Central America.

Ipe wood has become popular over the last several years because of its durability and beauty. Inf act, its warm colors and appearance make it similar to mahogany wood.

It’s also a smart choice for outdoor features, such as decking or patio furniture.


We’ll take a closer look at that below.

Understanding the Benefits of Ipe Wood Decking

Ipe wood decking has a lot of benefits that make it more practical than other types of wood.

Here’s a quick list of the most important benefits of Ipe decking.

Long Lasting

Your Ipe deck can last a minimum of 25 years without you having to do much for it.

But let’s put that into perspective.

Decks made from other wood types, like cedar, can last about 25 years as well. However, to get this much life out of them, you have to put in a lot of effort. If you don’t have the time or budget for heavy, yearly maintenance, a cedar deck will only last about 10 years.

Ipe decks give you a long-lasting outdoor space without the work.


There are two main things that make Ipe wood eco-friendly. It’s 100% natural wood, and many supplies harvest it in a responsible, sustainable way.

Let’s break those two things down.

Suppliers don’t treat Ipe wood with any chemicals or toxins. This isn’t true of all decking material. Because it’s 100% natural, Ipe is a safe option for your family and for the environment.

Most Ipe suppliers also follow harvesting practices and regulations set by organizations like the USGB (United States Green Building Council) and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

This means you can rest assured the wood your buying wasn’t harvested in a way that hurt its natural ecosystem.


Ipe is one of the toughest woods out there. It’s so dense, it will actually sink in water. It’s also three times harder than cedar and eight times harder than California redwood.

This will prevent your Ipe decking from decaying like other wood. For example, no matter how wet it is outside, Ipe wood won’t mold or rot. Since insects like termites are attracted to softer woods, you won’t have to deal with any pest problems either.

Ipe wood also has the same fire rating as concrete and steel. Because of this, it has a high level of fire resistance.

This makes it a good option for people who enjoy grilling or sitting around bonfires.

Scratch Resistant

With other types of wood decking, you have to be careful to avoid scratches. Anything from moving outdoor furniture to long dog toenails could be potential causes for scratching.

But Ipe is a lot tougher than other woods.

You would have to try really hard to scratch your deck if it’s made or Ipe. That also means you won’t have to worry about sanding or refinishing your deck every year.

Doesn’t Retain Heat

Some decks retain high levels of heat. This makes it uncomfortable, or even impossible, to walk on barefoot in the hot months of summer.

But Ipe wood doesn’t retain heat.

Because of this, you don’t have to worry about shoes even in the middle of July. Instead, you, your guest, and your children can enjoy socializing or playing on your deck without burning the bottoms of their feet.

Warp Resistant

Ipe trees can grow up to 150 feet tall. In other words, you can find very long planks of wood.

Long planks of wood usually cause warping over time. But not Ipe woods.

Ipe is naturally weatherproof. It also has a moisture range of about 14 to 18%. This means you won’t have to worry about warping problems.

Wide Range of Color Choices

You can find Ipe wood in many different grains and color choices.

For example, Ipe wood is a tight-grained wood. This means it doesn’t contain a lot of knots, which can give your deck a clean, smooth, and beautiful appearance.

The colors range from light browns to chocolate browns, to olives, and all the way to nearly back.

As Ipe wood ages, it will also fade to a natural silver.

How to Maintain Your Ipe Wood

Ipe doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. In fact, if you like the silver color it fades to over time, you don’t have to do any maintenance at all.

But if you want it to keep its natural color for years to come, you will need to apply a new coat of stain every year.

You should also clean your deck at least once a year. This will keep your deck looking tidy and beautiful.

Understanding the Benefits of Ipe Wood Decking

Ipe wood decking is much more durable and long-lasting than many other types of wood. Because of this, it can be a beautiful, high-end, and low-maintenance decking option for your home.

Are you ready to invest in an Ipe deck?

Make sure you click here to take a look at some of our Ipe options.

Check out our new “What is Ipe Wood?” page here.

2018-2019 Ipe Decking

We saw in 2018 the price of Ipe Decking increase by over 20%. It was interesting to see how popular the product has become. We believe that its popularity is primarily because once you use Ipe its hard to use anything else. Having such an amazing lifespan and beauty. It really is second to none in the decking category. The use of Ipe for decking really started in South America and its first use in the United States was in the States that had easy import. States like Alabama, Texas and Florida were some of the first ones to widely use Ipe. Now we see contractors that swear by it all the over the country. From the Wyoming to Georgia and Maine to California. Its use is certainly now really widespread.

2019 Ipe Decking Expectations

We do not expect to see any changes in 2019 as Ipe’s popularity keeps growing. With increased popularity also comes increase prices as the supply falls and demand grows. It is important to note that there is a limited supply of Ipe as it requires proper authorization to log as the lumber comes primarily from the rain-forest in Brazil. It is important to keep standards for pulling the logs high as we all value our natural resources.

Ipe Decking Still King

One thing we did see a lot of in 2018 is a lot of brands trying to claim superiority to Ipe, mostly synthetics or modified hardwoods. But with Ipe still lasting the longest and having the most durability and even a class A fire rating those claims seem shy of much truth. As a company we are dynamic and keep an eye out for synthetics that could possibly take over some day. But it seems from the quality that we see, that is a long time away. Nothing comes as close to the feel or beauty of a natural wood to date.

Adding a Touch of Modern Identity to Your Home with Ipe Decking

As summer comes by once more to bring sunshine and outdoor fun, you may think that it’s about time you invest in an outdoor deck. Over the summer months, it’s always great to have a place where you can relax, enjoy the weather and simply be content with life. And there are few better ways than investing in Ipe deck that not only provides such a relaxing place, but also add character to your home.

Where Does Ipe Wood come from?

The term Ipe, pronounced as “E-Pay”, refers to seven particular trees with the Tabebuia genus. As explained by PoolAndPatio, these specific trees are chosen for their diverse range of unique finishes, but consistently warm colors. In addition to the resilience of the wood, these features make Ipe an enticing wood to work with for functional, yet stylish, home improvements. So if you’ve been looking for a way to turn your plain garden into a modern, complementary addition to the home, then Ipe decking boards are the ideal solution.

Benefits that Make an Enticing Choice

Ipe deck boards are often chosen for the wide range of benefits they offer, in addition to being aesthetically appealing. Some of these benefits, which include:

  • Natural Resistances – Because of the natural oils and tight fiber build, Ipe naturally resists fungus, insects and many other natural problems that deck-owners commonly face.
  • Heat Dispersion – On hot summer days, you want to be able to use your deck, and a sizzling hot deck can render your outside entertainment area useless. Ipe has a very low heat retention rate and disperses it rapidly, especially if you have a slight space beneath it.
  • Sturdy, Yet Stylish – Most woods are either chosen for their appearance or their durability. Ipe, however, offers the best of both worlds and can handle a harsh environment, while never compromising on aesthetics.
  • Fire Resistant – A factor that every deck-owner needs to consider is how flammable the wood being used is. However, Ipe is naturally fire resistant, and is actually the top classified fire resistant wood, according to the National Fire Protection Agency.

An outside deck cannot only make your summer months far more enjoyable, but can also enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. For more info regarding Ipe deck boards, contact us at Buy Ipe Direct and speak with consultants about the fantastic benefits of Ipe wood today.

Get the Best Deck with Ipe Decking Wood

For many people, building a deck for their backyard seems like just a pipe dream. However, one thing people fail to realize is this: they can have their dream deck, and with Ipe decking wood, you’ll get a beautiful deck that will last more than a lifetime.

What is Ipe Wood Anyway?

A lot of readers may be wondering this exact question, and that’s okay. Ipe decking wood, also known as Brazilian Walnut or Lapacho wood, is a common form of lumber from (you guessed it!) Brazil. The average tree can stand anywhere between 100 and 300 feet tall. In addition to this, Ipe is also one of the densest types of wood, making it a perfect match for a beautiful deck. Most people who choose to buy Ipe wood decks enjoy them because of both their beauty and their durability. If your Ipe wood loses its color along the way, you will be pleased at how quickly it transforms back to its old, beautiful color with just a small amount of sealant. Ipe is truly one of the most durable types of wood money can buy!

Additional Benefits of Ipe Decking Wood

When it comes to your dream deck, Ipe wood holds a huge advantage over decks made out of alternative types of wood. This type of wood has a naturally higher resistance to insects, rot, mold, decay and fire compared to other types of wood. This is primarily due to Ipe’s dense cell structure. Due to the wood’s higher resistance to most natural elements, Ipe wood is a great choice, generally lasting around 100 years, if maintained properly.

The Price of Ipe Decking Wood

Okay, so it’s clear that you want an Ipe wood deck, but you aren’t very sure where to look for pricing. Unfortunately, Ipe wood can be pretty expensive, considering the level of quality and durability that it has to offer customers. However, thanks to websites such as, Ipe wood is starting to become more affordable for customers.

The price depends on whether or not you want random lengths or specific lengths. What’s the difference between the two? Random lengths tend to be cheaper, due to their large availability, while specific lengths tend to be more expensive because they are cutting the wood to your specifications. While the random lengths may appeal to most customers, keep in mind that specific lengths might be better for your project. Either way you go, Ipe decking wood is a great choice and it will make your Ipe wood deck look beautiful.

The Benefits of Ipe Decking Boards

Ipe decking boards is one of the most popular types of woods requested by contractors and regular people alike. And it’s no surprise, considering that it is often referred to as an all-in-one deck board for its amazing color, incredible durability, extremely long life span and safety.

The Secret behind Ipe Wood

With the large demand for this type of lumber, everyone must be wondering the same thing: What’s the secret behind this remarkable wood? Its popularity is due to its combination of oils and densely woven grain that gives it the special qualities that make it perfect for outdoor decks. It allows for every single Ipe deck board to look and perform better than any other wood on the market. The fact that there are more benefits when you use this type of wood is what makes it one of the most impressive building materials today. Ipe deck boards from have all the qualities you need at prices that are affordable.

The Benefits of Ipe Decking Boards

One thing that most customers love about Ipe wood is its resistance to natural elements such as insects, rots, drought, fire and more. In addition to this, it has a highly scratch, splinter and slip resistant texture.

Ipe deck boards are also less likely to cup and warp thanks to its tight grain, density and weight. Ipe wood also has natural oil present on its surface, making it more resistant to termites and other bugs, different types of mold and even mildew. Compared to other types of wood, Ipe decking boards have a huge advantage when it comes to resistance.

And the last, but certainly not least, thing about Ipe wood, if you make the choice to buy it, is that it is extremely likely to last you a lifetime and then some. According to reports, Ipe wood has the ability to last up to 75 years with no treatment, staining or painting. If you took the time to take good care of it, your Ipe decking board could last you up to 100 years!

Ipe Deck Boards are Cheaper than Ever Thanks to BuyIpDirect.Com!

Due to the high demand on these beautiful Brazilian trees, most customers can expect to pay higher prices for Ipe wood. However, if getting this lumber at an affordable price is what you are looking for, visit! They have great deals for both specific and random lengths. Now that you know what you want, what are you waiting for? Make the first step to getting your Ipe decking boards today!

Ipe’s Many Names: Brazilian Walnut and Lapacho

Ipe has a few different names but its all the same wood. The most common alternative is Brazilian Walnut Wood, but its also known as Lapacho Wood. While its hard to determine where these names actually came from its most likely that Brazilian Walnut is just an easier way for English speaking people to say Ipe.


Brazilian Walnut/Ipe Wood Info

  • The Scientific way of saying Ipe is actually Handroanthus spp.
  • Trees are usually about 100 ft.-300 ft. tall
  • It is one of the most dense woods available



Ipe Lumber Pricing: What Ipe actually costs

So you know you want to use Ipe for your decking. Now you just need to figure out what it ipe costs. The easiest way to do this is to determine if you will be using random lengths or specific lengths of Ipe boards.

If using specific lengths, you will only need to determine how many boards of what lengths you need. If you are using random lengths, you only need to determine the total linear feet required as these random lengths are sold by the foot.

Ipe Cost Random vs. Specific

Random lengths are generally about the same price as small boards. It is starting as low as $4.15/linear foot for both specific and random lengths. However, for longer boards, such as the 20′ ones, it starts at about $2.95/linear foot. This is because we are able to use any board length from our inventory for random lengths. If you are wanting specific length boards in longer sizes, it will cost a bit more but may well be worth that if it meets your project’s requirements.

Ipe Lumber Prices

You will find our prices to be usually lowered than our competitors, especially when you put into account the shipping.  We have special shipping agreements that make it so that your Ipe ends up costing less to your door or shipping terminal. If you find a lower price feel free to contact us at (833) 659-2050.

Additional Ipe Costs

There is no other cost to Ipe except you will need fasteners and sealer.

Ipé Wood: Pronounced EPay Wood

The correct way to spell Ipé is Ipé. However, the correct way to say Ipé is [E-Pay], [Epay], [Ee-pay] or [Eepay]. Often people will spell it with a regular “e” such as [Ipe] as it is not common in the United States for us to use the “é” because there is no ‘é’ button on the keyboard.

Throughout the site, you will see us reference it both ways the reason for this is simply that people do not frequently search for Ipé. However when you are using your beautiful new Ipé deck, now you know how to tell your friends you have a new Epay wood deck.

Of course, the “é” is what’s called an “acute accent” and it is used in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Since the wood comes from South America and Central America this makes a lot more sense.

Please see our complete questions and answers page here.

Ipe Lumber: Ideal Deck Material

Looking for the right decking material? Given the many decking options available to you out there, it’s only right that you know your choices. That way, you’ll be able to pick the best one out of the lot there are plastic decks, lumber composites, and good old-fashioned wood that you can choose from. However, if you want something more traditional and durable, wood is the way to go.

Picking Wood

There are types of wood that can stand the test of time, along with insects and weather, sans chemical treatments. Rot-resistant wood fits the bill to a tee. This way, you don’t just get material that’s perfect for your deck, you also end up with a sturdy choice, one that could potentially last you for a long, long time. That’s a practical investment to make and a great reason to pick wood over plastic or lumber composites.

Ipe Lumber Decks

One type of wood that seems ideal for this is ipe. Going for ipe lumber can give you just the right material to work with. You only need to make sure your ipe wood lumber is stamped with the FSC certification logo. You wouldn’t want to get low-grade lumber, especially if you want your deck to last. If the construction is sound enough, a good and reliable ipe lumber deck can give you about a good 25 years or more. With those many years, you can certainly get your money’s worth with a wood deck.

Ipe in Your Home

There are plenty of ways you can use ipe wood lumber for indoor and outdoor applications. By using the material your deck is made of all throughout the house in small touches, you can ensure consistency in your interiors and create a unifying and harmonious theme in your home design.

So try using ipe lumber in your interiors. You could use it over your windows. That or use it to add a warm touch to the facades of your home. A border made out of ipe might just be the thing to give your property that distinctively modern design touch. You can also transform your outdoor furniture with ipe. Decorate your doors with ipe slats or build a table out of ipe to go with your ipe deck. You could even add a bench to complete the look. With wood, you won’t lack options. To know more about ipe lumber, visit us.

Ipe and Garapa Decking, Siding, and Fencing.