Garapa Decking, Fencing and Siding

Garapa Decking Wood
Garapa decking

Garapa wood is our low-cost go-to alternative to Ipe. Do not confuse the low-cost (see below) with low quality, because Garapa is amazingly durable and beautiful. Some of the reasons it is so much lower in cost is it is just simply not as popular. Right now is a good time to get a great deal on Garapa before the market is starting to increase. Of course when the popularity picks up so do the prices when that happens. Garapa shares many of the characteristics that make Ipe so desired. It also is primarily from Brazil. This wood has a long life and natural resistance to rot, decay, mold, and bugs. Another thing that makes Garapa decking, siding and fencing popular is that it unlike Ipe has a more uniform color. It also over the course of time turns to a beautiful grey that looks similar to Ipe.

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