Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut Decking) & Garapa Decking Suppliers

Buy Ipe Direct specializes in supplying premium quality Ipe decking and Garapa decking wood as well as related accessories. We purchase large volumes of Ipe deck wood so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. As one of the most trusted Ipe wood suppliers, you can expect the highest quality materials at competitive prices. Our company specializes in importing and processing lumber that has been thoroughly checked against quality industry standards. We take pride in delivering unmatched customer service and premium materials for your custom deck building needs. Ipe is pronounced “e-pay” but they are the same wood. Comparing Ipe to things like Sustainable Blackwood, Cumaru and Massaraduba leave a clear answer as to what is the best option.

Remember Ipe Wood Is Known For:

  • Being the longest lasting
  • Also known as Ironwood
  • No maintenance required
  • Great around water
  • Naturally resistant to many things including, fung, scratches, and mold
  • Up to a Class A Fire Rating
  • One of the dentist wood in the world
  • Best wood for outdoor use
  • Lifetime cost lower than almost any other wood
  • Easy to install with the right tools
  • Natural resistance to bugs