Ipe Decking Wood

Buy Ipe Direct specializes in the highest quality Garapa and Ipe decking wood, as well as related accessories. We purchase large volumes of Ipe deck wood to pass on the savings to our customers. As one of the most trusted Ipe wood suppliers, you can expect the highest quality materials at competitive prices. Our company specializes in importing and processing Ipe lumber that has been thoroughly checked against quality industry standards. We take pride in delivering unmatched customer service and premium materials for your custom deck-building needs. Ipe is pronounced “e-pay,” but they are the same wood. Comparing Ipe to things like Sustainable Blackwood, Cumaru and Massaraduba will leave a clear answer as to what is the best option(s) are. Due to 2022 pricing fluctuations, we highly recommend calling for a quote to ensure accuracy, as inventory and pricing change daily.

Ipe Wood Is Best Known For:

  • Being the best and longest-lasting wood for outdoor use
  • Ipe is also known as “iron lumber”
  • No maintenance is required – let it go grey
  • Doesn’t hold in heat like most synthetic decking
  • Great around water due to density
  • Naturally resistant to many things, including fungi, scratches, and mold
  • Up to a Class A Fire Rating
  • Can replace decking boards and not worry about fading on other boards looking unnatural
  • One of the densest wood in the world
  • Lifetime cost is lower than almost any other wood
  • Naturally resistant to bugs

Undoubtedly the Ipe and Garapa products we provide are simply the best in the world. Our decking and lumber products are used on the most prestigious Residences and Commercial sites in the world. We serve many of the largest Corporations in the world, as well as the most discerning individuals. There is a good chance that you have walked on or seen our lumber products before. While many of our customers demand privacy, we have many job site photos we have been authorized to show potential customers privately. From these photos, you will see some of our decking, fencing, gazebos, pergolas, and siding projects. Our hardwood products have been used on everything from Multi-Billion dollar projects, Skyscrapers, 5-Star hotels, boardwalks, high-end homes, and mansions worldwide. What we do is provide the best hardwood decking materials.

Decking Ideas

When using our Ipe decking or Garapa decking, here are some ideas for your next Ipe or Garapa deck. There are so many different ways people use decks, such as places for pools, hot tubs, firepits, and multi-level, single-level, and barbeque areas. Ipe decking is known for its ability to weather better than any other material used for decking, and Garapa is a close second. It is excellent for all these purposes because of its fire rating and common uses around water. This is because the density of the wood makes it so water doesn’t penetrate.

Choosing a Reputable, Ethical, and Legal Supplier

Exotic lumber, and even Ipe wood, is required to be imported into the U.S.A from its source(s). Doing business in third-world countries can bring up many legal and ethical questions. Every board sold by Buy Ipe Direct complies with the 1917 Lacey Act for importation worldwide, as well as all Local, State, and Federal guidelines in the countries we operate in. This means that from the source to your project site, you do not need to worry about the lumber you receive. We only conduct business with well-established and reputable companies and person(s). This also ensures that the quality of all lumber material is held to a higher standard, as the companies and people we do business with do not mix in low-quality material. A company that stands behind its product ensures a smoother and more hassle-free project, and time is money.

Custom Hardwood Lumber Milling

Custom milling is available on all our hardwoods. The most common milling for Ipe and Garapa is for decking to groove it for use with hidden clips. It is known as either “grooved” or “pregrooved”; both are the same. This is just one of the hundreds of ways we can customize your order using our state-of-the-art molders. Other milling customizations we offer are, ripping, surfacing, re-sawing, grangripping, sanding, chopping, end sawing, and more. Contact us directly for all your custom milling order needs.

Choosing Ipe for Your Deck

Undoubtedly, Ipe is the absolute best lumber in the world for decking. It lasts longer, is beautiful, and requires little or no maintenance. Just holding a piece of Ipe decking in your hand, you can feel the density and quality of this lumber. We encourage anyone thinking about other options to look into the facts of each potential material, such as heat retention, decay, mold, susceptibility to termites and other critters, and maintenance.