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Ipe and Cumaru Wood Put on Endangered Species List

During the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) that took place in Panama, Ipe and Cumaru were placed on what is knowns as the “CITES” list. This list is for Endangered Species; in the case of Ipe, the EU, Colombia, and Argentina were all proponents of adding Ipe and Cumaru to the list. Of course, the EU has no native Ipe or Cumaru, and Argentina and Colombia have a small amount of exported Ipe and Cumaru compared to Bolivia and Brazil, who were both against placing them on the endangered list. Ipe was listed on Annex II by a vote of 86 in favor, 17 against, and 18 abstentions.

In regards to Cumaru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Guyana were against listing it as an endangered species, and Colombia, the EU, Panama, and the UK supported it.

So what does this mean? Appendix II includes species not necessarily threatened with extinction. Instead, it is a category in which trade must be controlled in order to avoid problems down the line and ensure the species can survive.

Buy Ipe Direct supports the controlled harvesting measures that will allow for more checks and balances and control. Ipe and Cumaru are, unfortunately, victims of their success in that the materials are so highly sought after that it appeals to illegal loggers. The hope is that adding these species to CITES will help prevent the unlawful and unsustainable harvesting practices being used.