Terms and Conditions

Buy Ipe Direct reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.  Proceeding to make a purchase of lumber from Buy Ipe Direct signifies your consent to the following terms and conditions:

Fast Shipping

We ship orders between 2-5 business days from the day of placing such orders.  We offer express deliveries too, just reach out to us and we will see the best way to accommodate such orders.  An extra 5 business days is required for orders needing custom milling, including Shiplap, Pregrooved, and T&G.

To ensure the maximum satisfaction of all our clients, we sometimes accept an order while our inventory is still on its way.  Thus, such orders may take a little longer.  In cases where you want your orders delivered within certain times, kindly inform us beforehand so that we can factor this into the processing.

Sometimes, we pay extra fees to another carrier to facilitate fast delivery.  Since carriers ply various lanes, finding a freight carrier with a shorter shipping time will help us get the products faster to you.  Likewise, we can arrange a guaranteed delivery time with the shipping company for orders sent to a business address, although it comes at an extra fee to be paid to the freight carrier.  However, to enable us to do this, endeavor to state your time requirements clearly at the time of purchase.

Unloading Shipment – Since LTL or business deliveries are dock-to-dock, there is always the need to remove the lumber and accessories using a forklift.  In cases of residential deliveries, all the LTL Company does is to place the material at the tail end of the truck for removal.  As the wood owner, you are expected to complete the unloading from that point.  You may have to consult a lift gate service if you are unable to do this on your own, or if the orders are relatively larger.  All extra fees arising from shipping are to be paid by you, the wood owner.

As an extremely dense and heavy wood, an LTL carrier remains your best option of shipping ipe to a loading dock or LTL terminal.  In cases where the loading dock is not the last destination, moving the wood to your final destination can be quite difficult.

You will be contacted if the shipping fee is more than the quoted fee in your order, due to the extra requests you make to the shipping company, and you will be responsible for such extra charges.

If you have a damaged product, kindly obtain a written acknowledgment in respect of the same from the shipping company at the moment of receipt of the shipment.  A successful purchase transfers the ownership of the wood to you, after which we send it off to the shipping company.  All claims concerning damage must be filed with the shipping company. In cases of unseen damage, you must file a claim for “concealed” damage within 10 days of receiving the shipment.

Every shipment comes, and defaults, to the carrier’s Limited Liability Insurance, although there is a slight difference across each carrier.  Note that this insurance may not cover the total cost of the wood in cases of damage.  Carriers may offer extra shipping insurance for a fee.  If you would like to purchase this additional insurance, kindly indicate clearly at the point of purchase.

Refusing Deliveries – In cases where you (the customer), or your agents, refuse delivery for reasons different from an agreement in writing, you will be liable for all shipping, delivery, re-delivery, and/or any return shipping fees.  Furthermore, all freight deliveries are curbside, that is, next to the curb on the street.  Thus, it is not the responsibility of the drivers to put the freight outside of the truck.

Note that some roads are not suitable for large trucks.  If your delivery address falls into such locations, the truck will make the delivery to the nearest location where it can conveniently deliver.  We do not offer inside delivery.

Shipping Charge – While we try our best to ensure you pay the least for shipping, it is important to state that we do not determine shipping costs.  We hold the right to charge you for additional shipping costs of up to 5% of the initial charge, either due to a misquote or a sudden increase by the shipping carrier.  In cases of misquotes, you will be notified before the completion of the order.

Inventory – We reserve the full right to cancel any order for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to inconsistencies in shipping charges, errors in the product price, or unavailability of products.

Deposits – We do not refund deposits on future orders.

Premium Decking Grading Rules

Note that you may need to do a light sanding on all Premium Grade Hardwoods, even though they are sanded.  In such instances, it is highly advisable that you use 60-grit sandpaper.

  • Wormholes can only exist on a face only, and they must not be more than 3%.
  • Sapwood is not allowed anywhere in the center of the board.
  • Milling defects in 1 face are acceptable only if the structure of the board, i.e., the thickness and the width, remain unchanged.
  • Grain Tear Out will only be allowed if the board remains smooth.
  • Only closed knots that are not over 3% of the defects on any of the boards are allowed.
  • Open knots are not allowed on either face.
  • Burn marks are not allowed on either face.

Lowest Price Guarantees

We are committed to making all our products available at equal or lesser prices, compared to our competitors.  However, if we are unable to beat or match a price, you will get a gift card from us for stumping us.  The gift card gifting is limited to only one per person and/or business, and we reserve the right to send or not send the same.  The gift is also valid on equal products and shipping, and you must provide us with a competitor quote before purchase, thus enabling us to match or beat the submitted quote.

Send an email to [email protected] to claim a gift card, including such information as your name, address for the gift card, and the official, written receipt of purchase that we failed to beat alongside a copy of the delivery receipt/BOL/Proof of Delivery for the competing company.

Shipping Guarantees

We do not and cannot promise any delivery time.  We only use the best information available to us at the time of processing to estimate the delivery time. We are not the shipping company, and we hold no responsibility for delays and all other reasons like seasonal, weather, milling problems, and all other possible reasons for a delay.  We will only recognize any exception to this policy when put in writing and signed by the authorized Buy Ipe Direct agent.  Irrespective of any text, email, or verbal agreement, this policy stands.  While we remain dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction, you may get a written and signed guarantee delivery from any authorized Buy Ipe Direct agent.

Note that there are different nominal and net dimensions for the Ipe wood, like any other industry standard lumber.  Also, the material is not cut to length and could be longer than specified.  For best results, square the ends to the precise length on site.

Minimum Order

The minimum order currently is 2,000.  Orders of lesser value are subject to a fee, of up to $300.  In certain cases, we make exceptions to allow customers to finish up projects.  Kindly note that there is a fee attached to such exceptions, depending on what the order is.  Also, for such exceptions, our 5-trees-planted program for every order is not applicable.

Custom Milling

Several types of machines are used for milling. Thus there may be differences in the actual width and thickness of wood caused by the interaction of the machines with the wood.  Please contact us with an exact dimension if your project requires one.  When you fail to, we assume that the agreed 9% difference between projected and actual holds for such orders.  Any change to this agreement must be presented in writing and authorized by an authorized Buy Ipe Direct official.

Same-Day Service Guarantee

In line with our commitment to providing our customers with excellent services, we offer a same day service guarantee valid between the same business days, i.e., within 8 business hours.  If we had to go back on this guarantee for any reason, we would send you a gift card – limited to one per customer.

California Residents

Note that sawing, drilling, sanding, or machining wood products expose you to wood dust – a known cause of cancer in California.  Do not inhale wood dust; you may use a dust mask or other safeguards for your protection. You can find more information on this at


Note that we are not affiliated to every brand listed on our website. Some brands on our site are listed because we share the same industry interests, or we collaborate with them on informational comparisons to improve customer service. In instances of doubt, kindly reach us at [email protected] for clarifications.

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