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How much does Ipe cost?

Random lengths are generally about the same price for small boards. Starting as low as $2.05/linear foot for both specific and random lengths. However for longer boards, such as the 20′ ones it starts at about $2.95/linear foot. When comparing prices make sure you compare the cost of shipping also as the wood is so dense and heavy that it even sinks in water.

Ipe Decking Price Guide: How much does Ipe Cost?

Additional cost considerations should include fasteners kits $104.99, sealer $19.99 and UV Plus Finish $49.99 .  Other than that a small Ipe decks can be as little as $200 or more than $10,000 for larger projects. You can see a more detailed explanation on our blog.

What is Ipe?

Ipe is one of the densest, most fire resistant and durable woods available. Ipe is considered the highest quality natural product you can build a deck with.

Is Ipe the same as Brazilian Walnut?

Yes, These are the same woods. You can learn more on our blog about the many names of Ipe. Brazilian Walnut also is a misleading name because it comes from not only Brazil but other countries in central and South America.

How do you pronounce “Ipe”?

Ipe is simply one of the densest woods available and probably the nicest for outdoor use. It will last 70+ years and is great for use on decks. It is also keeps bugs, fire and heat away from it. The wood is so dense it will sink in water.


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