Get the Best Deck with Ipe Decking Wood

For many people, building a deck for their backyard seems like just a pipe dream. However, one thing people fail to realize is this: they can have their dream deck, and with Ipe decking wood, you’ll get a beautiful deck that will last more than a lifetime.

What is Ipe Wood Anyway?

A lot of readers may be wondering this exact question, and that’s okay. Ipe decking wood, also known as Brazilian Walnut or Lapacho wood, is a common form of lumber from (you guessed it!) Brazil. The average tree can stand anywhere between 100 and 300 feet tall. In addition to this, Ipe is also one of the densest types of wood, making it a perfect match for a beautiful deck. Most people who choose to buy Ipe wood decks enjoy them because of both their beauty and their durability. If your Ipe wood loses its color along the way, you will be pleased at how quickly it transforms back to its old, beautiful color with just a small amount of sealant. Ipe is truly one of the most durable types of wood money can buy!

Additional Benefits of Ipe Decking Wood

When it comes to your dream deck, Ipe wood holds a huge advantage over decks made out of alternative types of wood. This type of wood has a naturally higher resistance to insects, rot, mold, decay and fire compared to other types of wood. This is primarily due to Ipe’s dense cell structure. Due to the wood’s higher resistance to most natural elements, Ipe wood is a great choice, generally lasting around 100 years, if maintained properly.

The Price of Ipe Decking Wood

Okay, so it’s clear that you want an Ipe wood deck, but you aren’t very sure where to look for pricing. Unfortunately, Ipe wood can be pretty expensive, considering the level of quality and durability that it has to offer customers. However, thanks to websites such as, Ipe wood is starting to become more affordable for customers.

The price depends on whether or not you want random lengths or specific lengths. What’s the difference between the two? Random lengths tend to be cheaper, due to their large availability, while specific lengths tend to be more expensive because they are cutting the wood to your specifications. While the random lengths may appeal to most customers, keep in mind that specific lengths might be better for your project. Either way you go, Ipe decking wood is a great choice and it will make your Ipe wood deck look beautiful.

The Benefits of Ipe Decking Boards

Ipe decking boards is one of the most popular types of woods requested by contractors and regular people alike. And it’s no surprise, considering that it is often referred to as an all-in-one deck board for its amazing color, incredible durability, extremely long life span and safety.

The Secret behind Ipe Wood

With the large demand for this type of lumber, everyone must be wondering the same thing: What’s the secret behind this remarkable wood? Its popularity is due to its combination of oils and densely woven grain that gives it the special qualities that make it perfect for outdoor decks. It allows for every single Ipe deck board to look and perform better than any other wood on the market. The fact that there are more benefits when you use this type of wood is what makes it one of the most impressive building materials today. Ipe deck boards from have all the qualities you need at prices that are affordable.

The Benefits of Ipe Decking Boards

One thing that most customers love about Ipe wood is its resistance to natural elements such as insects, rots, drought, fire and more. In addition to this, it has a highly scratch, splinter and slip resistant texture.

Ipe deck boards are also less likely to cup and warp thanks to its tight grain, density and weight. Ipe wood also has natural oil present on its surface, making it more resistant to termites and other bugs, different types of mold and even mildew. Compared to other types of wood, Ipe decking boards have a huge advantage when it comes to resistance.

And the last, but certainly not least, thing about Ipe wood, if you make the choice to buy it, is that it is extremely likely to last you a lifetime and then some. According to reports, Ipe wood has the ability to last up to 75 years with no treatment, staining or painting. If you took the time to take good care of it, your Ipe decking board could last you up to 100 years!

Ipe Deck Boards are Cheaper than Ever Thanks to BuyIpDirect.Com!

Due to the high demand on these beautiful Brazilian trees, most customers can expect to pay higher prices for Ipe wood. However, if getting this lumber at an affordable price is what you are looking for, visit! They have great deals for both specific and random lengths. Now that you know what you want, what are you waiting for? Make the first step to getting your Ipe decking boards today!

Ipe’s Many Names: Brazilian Walnut and Lapacho

Ipe has a few different names but its all the same wood. The most common alternative is Brazilian Walnut Wood, but its also known as Lapacho Wood. While its hard to determine where these names actually came from its most likely that Brazilian Walnut is just an easier way for English speaking people to say Ipe.


Brazilian Walnut/Ipe Wood Info

  • The Scientific way of saying Ipe is actually Handroanthus spp.
  • Trees are usually about 100 ft.-300 ft. tall
  • It is one of the most dense woods available



Ipe Lumber Pricing: What Ipe actually costs

So you know you want to use Ipe for your decking. Now you just need to figure out what it ipe actually costs. The easiest way to do this is determine if you will be using random lengths or specific lengths Ipe boards.

If using specific lengths you will only need to determine how many boards of what lengths you need. If you are using random lengths you only need to determine the total linear feet required as these random lengths are sold by the foot.

Ipe Cost Random vs. Specific

Random lengths are generally about the same price for small boards. Starting as low as $2.15/linear foot for both specific and random lengths. However for longer boards, such as the 20′ ones it starts at about $2.95/linear foot. This is because we are able to use any board length from our inventory for random lengths. If you are wanting specific length boards in longer sizes it will cost a bit more but may well be worth that if it meets your projects requirements.

Ipe Lumber Prices

You will find our prices to be usually lower then our competitors especially when you put into account the shipping.  We have special shipping agreements that make it so that your Ipe ends up costing less to your door or shipping terminal. If you find a lower price feel free to contact us 800-677-1614.

Additional Ipe Costs

There is really no other cost to Ipe except you will need fasteners and sealer.

Ipé Wood: Pronounced EPay Wood

The correct way to spell Ipé is Ipé. However the correct way to say Ipé is [E-Pay], [Epay], [Ee-pay] or [Eepay]. Often people will spell it with a regular “e” such as [Ipe] as it is not common in the United States for us to use the “é” because there is no ‘é’ button a the keyboard.

Throughout the site you will see us reference it both ways the reason for this is simply that people do not frequently search for Ipé. However when you are using your beautiful new Ipé deck, now you know how to tell your friends you have a new Epay wood deck.

Of course the “é” is whats called an “acute accent” and it is used in Spanish, Portuguese and French. Since the wood comes from South America and Central America this makes a lot more sense.

Ipe Lumber: Ideal Deck Material

Looking for the right decking material? Given the many decking options available to you out there, it’s only right that you know your choices. That way, you’ll be able to pick the best one out of the lot

There are plastic decks, lumber composites, and good old fashioned wood that you can choose from. However, if you want something more traditional and durable, wood is the way to go.

Picking Wood

There are types of wood that can stand the test of time, along with insects and weather, sans chemical treatments. Rot-resistant wood fits the bill to a tee. This way, you don’t just get material that’s perfect for your deck, you also end up with a sturdy choice, one that could potentially last you for a long, long time. That’s a practical investment to make and a great reason to pick wood over plastic or lumber composites.

Ipe Lumber Decks

One type of wood that seems ideal for this is ipe. Going for ipe lumber can give you the just the right material to work with. You only need to make sure your ipe wood lumber is stamped with the FSC certification logo. You wouldn’t want to get low-grade lumber, especially if you want your deck to last. If the construction is sound enough, a good and reliable ipe lumber deck can give you about a good 25 years or more. With those many years, you can certainly get your money’s worth with a wood deck.

Ipe in Your Home

There are plenty of ways you can use ipe wood lumber for indoor and outdoor applications. By using the material your deck is made of all throughout the house in small touches, you can ensure consistency in your interiors and create a unifying and harmonious theme in your home design.

So try using ipe lumber in your interiors. You could use it over your windows. That or use it to add a warm touch to the facades of your home. A border made out of ipe might just be the thing to give your property that distinctively modern design touch. You can also transform your outdoor furniture with ipe. Decorate your doors with ipe slats or build a table out of ipe to go with your ipe deck. You could even add a bench to complete the look. With wood, you won’t lack for options. To know more about ipe lumber, visit us.

Ipe Deck: What You Need to Know

Given how rot-resistant ipe is, you can look forward to plenty of years of deck durability. Ipe is a tropical hardwood. With enough care, your ipe deck can last you for as much as 25 years or more. With that many years, opting for an ipe deck seems like a smart and practical solution. That’s especially true when you consider the long-term benefits. Instead of going for lumber composites that might only last for a handful of years, going with ipe decking boards can give you the durability you want in your outdoor projects.

Ipe Decking Supplies

However, while picking out ipe decking boards matters, being able to choose the right ipe decking supplies matters too. For instance, you’ll need fasteners. These are steel screws that will come in handy when you need to have your decking boards pre-drilled. While there are certainly plenty of other screws around, if you want durability, then stainless steel screws are your best bet. These fasteners can last as much as 40 years, if proper care and maintenance is taken.

Aside from fasteners, you’ll also need wood plugs. Just make sure you cover the screw head with a plug when you’re done. Don’t forget to have that plug sanded to make sure it’s smooth and blends in with the rest of the wood.

Using hidden deck fasteners is also a necessary step in your pre-grooved decking.

To make sure you get the right tools and supplies, call us. Looking for ipe decking suppliers? Look no further. We can provide you with a lot of the assistance you need to secure the right boards and supplies.

Installation Tips

When you’ve finally got your ipe decking boards, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start the installation process:

  1. Safety. Make sure to follow all building codes and use the best safety equipment available to you. Take the necessary precautions. Wear protective gear to make sure you’re protected.
  2. Tools. You’ll also need to stock up on the right tools and to know how to use them. Accidents can happen in a moment’s inattention so it’s best if you know how to use the proper tools. If you don’t, start learning now.
  3. Storage. Find the proper storage for your boards. That way, they won’t be damaged and you’ll have a better material to use for your deck.

For more on tips and the best practices, as well as on information on ordering ipe decking boards, visit us.

Garapa: Low Cost Solution to Your Decking Needs

Still can’t decide on what material to pick for your deck project? While some might opt for cedar or ipe, that could run to quite a lot of money. If you haven’t got deep pockets, this could pose a problem for you. However, one low cost solution to your problem is to go for garapa wood decking instead of something that costs as much as an arm and a leg.

Garapa Basics

Garapa wood is usually recognized for its yellowish brown color. That color, though, gets darker as the wood ages. The grain or texture is often straight.

Rot-Resistant: As a hardwood, it’s also known to be rot-resistant. That’s a plus point, of course. Rot-resistant wood is tougher and more durable, after all. However, you’ll need to have that garapa wood chemically treated to make sure it’s safe from termites. That’s a precautionary measure you’ll thank yourself for later, especially if termite or insect attacks do happen.

Workability: In terms of workability, garapa is easy enough a material to use considering the density of the wood. It’s also easy to glue. Applying finishes onto the wood is also simple enough. Unlike other types of hardwood, it has no particular odor so you won’t have to use detergents to eliminate the odor from your new deck.

Allergies: However, while cases have been rare, garapa is also a possible skin irritant in some cases. So if you see anyone in your family suffer from the condition and it doesn’t seem related to any other cause, it could be because of your newly-installed garapa wood decking. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have the deck chemically treated. That or consult a wood expert to know more of your options on how you could keep it from causing allergies.

Pricing: Compared to other imported hardwood types, garapa wood decking won’t cost as much as ipe, redwood or cedar but provide you with many of the advantages of picking wood over lumber composites or a plastic deck.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to ipe lumber, then going for a garapa deck won’t hurt. This way, you can enjoy a lot of the benefits that come with a wood deck without having to drain your budget just to get it. In this day and age, it pays to be practical and creative in finding the right solutions to work for you even if it just means getting your wood decks at the right price.

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Build It Yourself and Save, but Don’t Compromise on Materials

If you have a great deck plan and some tools, you may be tempted to head to your  local lumberyard and get some pressure-treated pine to get your own deck project started. But can we recommend you consider a more durable wood like ipê? Ipê is an extraordinarily dense hardwood grown in tropical regions. It’s rated for a 75-year useful life in outdoor applications. You’ll find ipê is the wood of choice for some of the most beautiful and durable decks that have been built.

We encourage you to save money by building it yourself. But don’t compromise on materials cost. Sure, ipê and garapa cost more than your run of the mill pressure-treated boards you’ll find at your lumberyard or big-box retailer. However, we are convinced ipê is worth it. Save money and lock in a solid value. Choose ipê today!

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