Adding a Touch of Modern Identity to Your Home with Ipe Decking

As summer comes by once more to bring sunshine and outdoor fun, you may think that it’s about time you invest in an outdoor deck. Over the summer months, it’s always great to have a place where you can relax, enjoy the weather and simply be content with life. And there are few better ways than investing in Ipe deck that not only provides such a relaxing place, but also add character to your home.

Where Does Ipe Wood come from?

The term Ipe, pronounced as “E-Pay”, refers to seven particular trees with the Tabebuia genus. As explained by PoolAndPatio, these specific trees are chosen for their diverse range of unique finishes, but consistently warm colors. In addition to the resilience of the wood, these features make Ipe an enticing wood to work with for functional, yet stylish, home improvements. So if you’ve been looking for a way to turn your plain garden into a modern, complementary addition to the home, then Ipe decking boards are the ideal solution.

Benefits that Make an Enticing Choice

Ipe deck boards are often chosen for the wide range of benefits they offer, in addition to being aesthetically appealing. Some of these benefits, which include:

  • Natural Resistances – Because of the natural oils and tight fiber build, Ipe naturally resists fungus, insects and many other natural problems that deck-owners commonly face.
  • Heat Dispersion – On hot summer days, you want to be able to use your deck, and a sizzling hot deck can render your outside entertainment area useless. Ipe has a very low heat retention rate and disperses it rapidly, especially if you have a slight space beneath it.
  • Sturdy, Yet Stylish – Most woods are either chosen for their appearance or their durability. Ipe, however, offers the best of both worlds and can handle a harsh environment, while never compromising on aesthetics.
  • Fire Resistant – A factor that every deck-owner needs to consider is how flammable the wood being used is. However, Ipe is naturally fire resistant, and is actually the top classified fire resistant wood, according to the National Fire Protection Agency.

An outside deck cannot only make your summer months far more enjoyable, but can also enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. For more info regarding Ipe deck boards, contact us at Buy Ipe Direct and speak with consultants about the fantastic benefits of Ipe wood today.

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