2018-2019 Ipe Decking

We saw in 2018 the price of Ipe Decking increase by over 20%. It was interesting to see how popular the product has become. We believe that its popularity is primarily because once you use Ipe its hard to use anything else. Having such an amazing lifespan and beauty. It really is second to none in the decking category. The use of Ipe for decking really started in South America and its first use in the United States was in the States that had easy import. States like Alabama, Texas and Florida were some of the first ones to widely use Ipe. Now we see contractors that swear by it all the over the country. From the Wyoming to Georgia and Maine to California. Its use is certainly now really widespread.

2019 Ipe Decking Expectations

We do not expect to see any changes in 2019 as Ipe’s popularity keeps growing. With increased popularity also comes increase prices as the supply falls and demand grows. It is important to note that there is a limited supply of Ipe as it requires proper authorization to log as the lumber comes primarily from the rain-forest in Brazil. It is important to keep standards for pulling the logs high as we all value our natural resources.

Ipe Decking Still King

One thing we did see a lot of in 2018 is a lot of brands trying to claim superiority to Ipe, mostly synthetics or modified hardwoods. But with Ipe still lasting the longest and having the most durability and even a class A fire rating those claims seem shy of much truth. As a company we are dynamic and keep an eye out for synthetics that could possibly take over some day. But it seems from the quality that we see, that is a long time away. Nothing comes as close to the feel or beauty of a natural wood to date.

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