Get the Best Deck with Ipe Decking Wood

For many people, building a deck for their backyard seems like just a pipe dream. However, one thing people fail to realize is this: they can have their dream deck, and with Ipe decking wood, you’ll get a beautiful deck that will last more than a lifetime.

What is Ipe Wood Anyway?

A lot of readers may be wondering this exact question, and that’s okay. Ipe decking wood, also known as Brazilian Walnut or Lapacho wood, is a common form of lumber from (you guessed it!) Brazil. The average tree can stand anywhere between 100 and 300 feet tall. In addition to this, Ipe is also one of the densest types of wood, making it a perfect match for a beautiful deck. Most people who choose to buy Ipe wood decks enjoy them because of both their beauty and their durability. If your Ipe wood loses its color along the way, you will be pleased at how quickly it transforms back to its old, beautiful color with just a small amount of sealant. Ipe is truly one of the most durable types of wood money can buy!

Additional Benefits of Ipe Decking Wood

When it comes to your dream deck, Ipe wood holds a huge advantage over decks made out of alternative types of wood. This type of wood has a naturally higher resistance to insects, rot, mold, decay and fire compared to other types of wood. This is primarily due to Ipe’s dense cell structure. Due to the wood’s higher resistance to most natural elements, Ipe wood is a great choice, generally lasting around 100 years, if maintained properly.

The Price of Ipe Decking Wood

Okay, so it’s clear that you want an Ipe wood deck, but you aren’t very sure where to look for pricing. Unfortunately, Ipe wood can be pretty expensive, considering the level of quality and durability that it has to offer customers. However, thanks to websites such as, Ipe wood is starting to become more affordable for customers.

The price depends on whether or not you want random lengths or specific lengths. What’s the difference between the two? Random lengths tend to be cheaper, due to their large availability, while specific lengths tend to be more expensive because they are cutting the wood to your specifications. While the random lengths may appeal to most customers, keep in mind that specific lengths might be better for your project. Either way you go, Ipe decking wood is a great choice and it will make your Ipe wood deck look beautiful.

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