Ipé Wood: Pronounced EPay Wood

The correct way to spell Ipé is Ipé. However, the correct way to say Ipé is [E-Pay], [Epay], [Ee-pay] or [Eepay]. Often people will spell it with a regular “e” such as [Ipe] as it is not common in the United States for us to use the “é” because there is no ‘é’ button on the keyboard.

Throughout the site, you will see us reference it both ways the reason for this is simply that people do not frequently search for Ipé. However when you are using your beautiful new Ipé deck, now you know how to tell your friends you have a new Epay wood deck.

Of course, the “é” is what’s called an “acute accent” and it is used in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Since the wood comes from South America and Central America this makes a lot more sense.

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