About Our Pricing

Buying Ipê in Random Lengths

You may choose to purchase your Ipê decking in random lengths. Buying random length Ipê is the most economical way to purchase. Random length Ipê decking is available in lengths from 6’ up to 16’ we do not guarantee any specific spread.  A typical order will look like about like this:

  • 15% 6’-7’
  • 45% 8’-10’
  • 20% 11’-13’
  • 20% 14’-20’

However, if you need specific length boards you will need to purchase specific lengths.

Specified Length Ipê Decking

If you have specific length needs for your project, you may choose to buy Ipê decking in specified lengths from 4’ up to 20’. Being able to choose exactly the lengths you need means you will pay a little more, but your waste will be limited. This purchasing method is recommended for smaller jobs to minimize cutting.

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