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Want to Add a Deck to Your Home? Here’s How it Increases Your Resale Value

Are you considering the possibility of building a new deck on your house? Many people do so with the intent of adding more value to their home when it’s time to resell.

While that is certainly true, most people don’t realize why it adds resale value to their home. 

It’s crucial to know the individual factors so that you can understand how those factors play into your specific home. Building a deck without knowing these factors can compromise receiving the full resale value on your home.

Here is how you increase your resale value when you add a deck to your home. Be sure to consider all of these as you plan your new deck.

1. Your Environment

One of the biggest factors in how much a new deck adds to your home’s resale value is the region that you live in.

If the region that you live in experiences warm weather year-round, then your new deck will have far more resale value.

There are two main reasons for this: 1) the deck can be maximized more with year-round warm weather and 2) there isn’t as much wear and tear on a deck that won’t experience snow.

Because the deck is a year-round amenity, the real estate agent that you hire will have it play a huge role in the price they set for your home.

Better yet, it will be a justified expense for any interested buyer. Especially for those that are moving out of a winter-heavy region and into your warmer climate.

2. Your Own Enjoyment

While this isn’t a “resale” factor, it bears repeating. The number one reason you should build a new deck is for you to enjoy in the present moment.

It’s certainly wise for you to be thinking about the future of your home’s resale value with the deck. But don’t build a certain style of the deck just because you think it will appease interested buyers in the future.

As long as the deck is relatively new and in good shape when you go to resell it, the deck will add value.

Too often homeowners make purchases and renovations with the resale value ahead of their personal preference. It’s your deck… build it the way that you want (within city codes) and someone else will love it as well.

Think about the different ways you’ll use your deck. You might use it for leisure, get-togethers, pool parties, or just having a quiet place to hang out.

Whatever those reasons are for your family, build the deck accordingly and someone else will covet the deck for that same reason down the line.

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3. Where the Deck is Located

One factor many people don’t consider in a deck adding resale value is where the deck will be built. People have a preference, so the price addition will make perfect sense for some and zero sense for others.

For example, many people envision building a new deck on their backyard for grill outs and fun parties.

However, some people prefer that a new deck be installed on the front of the house instead. That way, they can have a better view of nature or community in the front yard, rather than the fenced-up view in the backyard.

For those kinds of people, a new deck in the backyard won’t justify the price point. Your real estate agent will consider this when they set your home’s price.

If they feel that your new front deck or back deck has a better view than most others, they will raise the price accordingly. They’ll also factor in where the sun rises and sets in relation to where your deck is on your house.

4. The Materials It’s Made of

Not only do you have a preference on what your deck is made of, so does everybody else! 

Because of that, the materials that you build your deck with will have a direct correlation to the resale value of your deck (and home).

Wood is the most coveted material of them all. It looks great, feels great, and gives a “comfy” vibe to your home, which will come in clutch when you go to resell it.

However, a wood deck also requires a fair amount of upkeep to keep its condition. It needs to be refinished quite frequently, which will factor into your resell price.

For that reason, it’s imperative that you only purchase premium lumber from a trusted lumber seller.

5. When You Install It

One of the biggest misconceptions is that building a new deck can add more value than what it costs you to initially install it. That will never be the case.

It’s like buying a new car in that way: you’ll never make more on a new item after you’ve used it several times.

However, timing it just right can help you make the most off your new deck. If you build the deck with enough time to enjoy it for yourself but avoid the cost of refinishing it a few years down the line, then you’ll get more ROI for the deck you’ve built.

Add a Deck to Your Home and Reap the Benefits!

You’ll never regret the decision to add a deck to your home. It will help you enjoy the benefits of a new deck and add more resale value to your house.

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