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What Makes Garapa Decking So Special?

The average price to build a deck is just over $6,200 in the United States. 

Deciding to build a deck can be an exciting project, but how do you know what type of material to use?

One of the best types of wood that you can build a deck with is garapa wood. 

Continue reading to discover why garapa decking is so special and why you should consider using this type of material for your deck!  

What Is Garapa Wood?

Many people have never heard of garapa wood, but it is in fact, one of the best hardwood choices for exterior structures. 

Garapa wood comes from Brazil. Its scientific name is Apuleia leiocarpa, garapa also means “Brazilian Ash.”

The most common uses for garapa wood are for outdoor decks, house siding, and outdoor furniture. Some people even use garapa for making boats and docks. 

When looking for garapa wood, you may have a difficult time finding it in lumber form. Garapa is most commonly found with flooring and decking materials. 

This wood comes from trees that grow up to 100 feet tall and have a diameter of up to 5 feet! The tree that garapa comes from is impressive and can offer beautifully grained wood. Garapa trees come from forests that are managed and meet specific requirements. 

Below are a few of the reasons why you should consider getting garapa decking! 

1. You Can Find a Variety of Colors 

When building a deck you must consider the design and structure. But what about the color?

Garapa wood comes in a variety of colors that can complement your home and backyard.

Many modern homes are using garapa wood because of its light and rich color. This wood is perfect for modern designs because it has such a tight grain and is typically knot-free. You can add garapa decking to your home for a more contemporary look that is clean. 

Unlike Ipe wood, which has red and brown hues, garapa wood comes in a selection of golden colors. You can get garapa in beautiful shades of yellow, blonde, and honey that darken over time. The color shines in the sun and can change the entire look of your home. 

As your garapa decking ages, it will become a light brown with fewer shades of gold. 

One of the best parts about garapa wood is that your deck will be unique to others because of its graining patterns. You will impress your guests and want to sit on the deck all summer long with these happy shades of color. 

2. Resistant to Natural Decay

Anyone that builds a deck or structure outside must consider the outdoor elements. Weather and wildlife can negatively impact materials. 

With garapa decking, you won’t have to worry about insects moving in or termites eating your wood. Garapa has such a high density that it can keep bugs and pests out. Having this protection can help make your deck last longer and maintain its structure.

If you want to ensure that bugs won’t bother your deck, you may want to consider having a professional come out and chemically treat the wood. 

This type of decking is perfect around hot tubs and pools because it is water-resistant. The grain of the wood helps keep any moisture out and can protect it from the rain and snow. 

Garapa decking is an excellent choice is you live near the woods or water. You can relax and enjoy your deck and not have to worry about using bug spray. 

3. It’s an Affordable Option 

There are many material options that you can select for your deck. Unfortunately, some of the strongest options can become expensive. 

Garapa wood is perfect for decking because it is durable and cheaper than other types of wood, such as Ipe. Ipe wood is the densest wood on the market, but it doesn’t come at a cheap price.

Going with garapa wood won’t be a disappointment. Although it is not as strong as Ipe, it is still extremely durable and able to handle foot traffic.

Garapa is extremely affordable and will cost you less money over time with maintaining and cleaning your deck. You won’t have to worry about replacing your deck because it is insect and rot-resistant! 

Another reason why garapa wood is more affordable is that you won’t have to hire a company or rent a machine to clean your deck. 

4. Simple to Clean and Maintain

Generally speaking, hardwood is easy to clean and maintain.

Garapa is considered a hardwood, it requires minimum care and is low-maintenance. If you want to clean garapa decking you won’t need much more than soap, water, and scrub brushes. 

Some people recommend applying a finish to the wood so that it is easier to clean and can maintain its beautiful and bright color. If you aren’t sure what products you can use on your decking, you can spot test an area to be sure that it won’t damage your wood.  

If you decide not to finish your deck, it will gradually wear down and become a grayish-silver color. You don’t have to finish the deck if you want a weathered look that will make your home appear rustic and unique. 

Garapa wood typically has a straight grain and they can sometimes interlock. It has medium to large pores that make cleaning easier. 

5. Won’t Be a Fire Hazard 

Getting a wooden deck can be a concern for those living near common forest fire zones. 

Garapa wood is the ultimate material to use for your deck because it is fire-resistant! Although this wood is not completely fireproof, you can relax knowing that this wood won’t spread fire as easily.

Interestingly enough, garapa wood falls within the class A fire rating, meaning that it is just as safe as brick, steel, and cement. Most other wood materials used for decking are rated in class 2, making this a superior option. 

You won’t have to worry about using your grill on the deck during the summer or having a bonfire in the backyard (obviously not on the deck!). 

6. It’s a Safer Choice 

Having a fire-resistant deck may seem like it is the safest material, but it gets better!

Because garapa wood is rot-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the wood drying out and causing splinters. Other types of wood are more likely to dry. The worst thing in the summer is jumping in the pool, only to find a splinter in your foot later that day. 

Weather and bugs can dry out wood causing the boards to become brittle and rotted. By properly maintaining your deck, you can run around barefoot all day. Although this deck may appear to be maintenance-free, you must still preserve the wood throughout the years by cleaning it. 

Another reason for garapa being a safer option for decking is that it doesn’t rot. You won’t have to concern yourself with falling through the floorboards over time. Many people recommend applying a slip-resistant finish to your deck to keep it safe from slips and falls. 

7. It’s Easy to Work With

Sometimes finding a durable material that is easy to work with can be a challenging task.

With garapa wood, you won’t get as frustrated throughout your projects. Garapa is durable, yet easy to work with, even with its high density. You can connect boards with glue and finishes work well with this wood. 

This type of wood doesn’t have a strong odor, making it easier to work with for people with allergies. Many people don’t have an allergic reaction to garapa wood. However, it is still important to watch for skin irritation when working with the material.

Most garapa decks can last for more than 40 years when taken care of properly. With this wood, you won’t have to worry about scratches when putting the deck together either! 

Garapa Decking Done Right 

When you compare composite decking or plastic decking to garapa you will see that there is no question in which one to go with. 

Garapa decking is perfect for the outdoors and meant to handle natural decay. Not only will garapa keep bugs and rotting from happening to your deck, but it is also fire-resistant!

You can find garapa wood in a variety of golden colors that will illuminate your backyard. Not having to worry about splintering, fires, and rotting means that you can enjoy your space with family and friends. 

Although garapa wood is low-maintenance, you mustn’t forget to treat it for bugs and keep it clean over the years. 

Be sure to check out our pricing guide for our premium lumber that you can use for your new deck! 

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