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9 Wood Fence Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal improvements can increase your home’s value by roughly 7 percent.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just improve its image, it never hurts to add to your exterior. Curb appeal can up your home’s resale value, and the enjoyment of a beautiful home is valuable in itself. 

One great way to add a little beauty to your yard is to add a wooden fence. There are a lot of options to work with, and we’re here to help you sift through your choices. We’re going to explore some wood fence ideas in this article, giving you some food for thought that could help you make the right decision. 

Let’s get started.

1. Work with Your Home’s Color Scheme

A wooden fence doesn’t have to remain its original color. While plain wood has its appeal, it might be interesting to use the color scheme of your home to determine your color choice for the fencing. 

You don’t have to go with one flat color the whole way through, either. Adding color changes to features of the fence can be a great way to add a little flair to your exterior. 

2. Get Back to Basics

Usually, classic fence styles last a long time because they can go with most homes and look great regardless of where you put them. 

The greatest example of this is a wood picket fence. A picket fence adds a little charm to your exterior and provides the feeling that your yard is tucked inside of the perimeter of your fence. 

Sure, people walking by can clearly see over the fence, but the point is that the fence creates a space for you and your family to spend time, and offers that extra charm. 

3. Think of Security

Another feature that might increase your home’s value is the amount of security that the fence provides. 

Consider installing high walls on your fence that prevent people from looking through or getting into your yard. In particularly community-minded neighborhoods, this gesture might seem a little standoffish, though. 

Be sure that a high-walled fence fits with the general aesthetic and attitude of your neighborhood before you wall yourself off. That said, it can really give an exclusive feeling to your home if you’re in the right neighborhood for it. 

4. Privacy or Charm?

The fence you choose will either be composed in a way that people can see through, or that people cannot. That distinction has a big impact on the feeling that the fence provides. 

A wood fence that is one unified section will not allow anyone to see through into your yard, and this creates a lot of ambiance for your home. You can enjoy your yard feeling like you’re in your own private area. 

On the other hand, that might not be your thing. If you want to be able to spend time in your yard and allow others to see you and the exterior of your home, you might think about getting a picket fence or a crossbuck fence.

5. Add Matching Features to Your Exterior

A fence can be beautiful as a stand-alone feature, but complementary items on the exterior of your home can really make the wood fence pop.

You might consider adding some matching shutters or light fixtures that can be seen from the exterior. Additionally, it’s always an option to paint your doors to match the fence or paint your fence to match the doors. 

The trim of your home is also a colorful spot that you can match to your fence. These fine details will certainly add a more stylized aesthetic to your home. 

6. Think About the Gate

Fence planning takes up the bulk of thought in this process, and a lot of people forget about the gate until the last minute. 

The gate of your fence is an extremely important feature when it comes to style. Don’t just go with whatever the store has at the moment. Take some time, do some digging, and try to find a gate that really speaks to you and fits with the style of your home. 

7. Invest in Wood

High-quality wood is an essential piece of the process. If you skimp on the wood used in your fence, it’s likely to degrade and break down relatively fast. 

There are a lot of great wood options that will last far longer than you live in the home if the fence is treated well. Take some time, find a wood that’s right for you and happens to be your price range, and invest in a great fence.

8. Hire the Pros to Install

Installation is a bigger task than it might seem, especially if you have a huge yard. If your fence is going to be relatively tiny, you might be able to do it on your own. 

That said, you don’t want to deal with the stress of a broken or poorly installed fence when it falls over. Working with the pros can take that stress away and keep you from having to worry about the fence at all. 

9. Look Around Your Neighborhood

Take a peek at the fences over your neighborhood. Your block is bound to have a fence or two, and it might help your curb appeal and property value if you stay in the same style as your neighbors. 

A great-looking neighborhood of homes unified in style typically brings higher property values. So, take a look around and see if the styles you see are ones you like. 

If nothing speaks to you, though, go with your gut and make the choice that you’ll enjoy the most. 

Did These Wood Fence Ideas Inspire You?

Hopefully, our wood fence ideas gave you some inspiration to move forward. Once you’ve made all of the logical decisions about choosing and installing your fence, it’s time to find a wood source. We’re here to provide you with the wood options you need for your next project.

Contact us for all of the wood resources you’ll need to set up your home’s newest addition. 


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