Shipping Terms


The most economical way to ship a product like Ipê decking is by common carrier LTL (Less Than Load).  Ipê is an extremely heavy wood product and even moderate quantities require heavy machinery to transport and lift.

We recommend having your freight shipped to a local freight terminal or to a business with a loading dock.  Residential deliveries of material such as Ipê Decking can be very expensive, since the material has to be hand-unloaded.  Having your Ipê decking shipped to a local freight terminal will allow you to schedule an appointment to pick up your decking.  This can be very helpful as you may need to arrange to have a trailer to transport your decking home. 

Many businesses, such as local hardware stores, have loading dock facilities.  You may be able to ask permission to use these to set up your Ipê delivery.


Additional Shipping Charges will not be responsible for any additional charges that result from service requests made by the customer to the freight carrier at the time of delivery.  Payment for services rendered by the freight company other than those explicitly appearing on the ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING will be the responsibility of the consignee.


If your freight has obvious damage you should get the carrier to acknowledge the damage in writing (usually on the freight bill). A claim will need to be filed with the freight carrier to recover damages. We will help you with this claim, but it is your claim as the goods are shipped F.O.B. our yard or EX-WORKS, meaning the title to the goods changes to the customer when the goods are loaded prior to shipping.  In plain terms, once the freight is on the truck, it’s yours.  If the damage is concealed you only have 10 days to file a concealed damage claim.  Merchandise returned to us for credit is yours until we get it back.  Ship it by any method that you want but make sure you can furnish proof of delivery back to us.  Most of our products ship well and we have very little freight damaged.

Match or Beat Shipping Guarantee shipping is already often lower than our competitor’s because of the volume we ship across the country. However we will match or beat the “actual” shipping charges from a competitor’s carrier. “Actual” is defined as the rate that the competitor pays the carrier and not the rate the competitor charges the customer. I.E. Some carriers will mark up the wood and advertise free shipping. We would not match the free shipping but the actual rate that the competitor pays the carrier. We strive to offer the lowest overall prices in the industry. If you find a lower price including shipping give us a call at 864-301-1415! To qualify for our rate match guarantee we require only the actual quote from a reputable carrier that shows origination, destination and price.


We will match or beat any competitor shipping! For complete details visit our shipping terms page.

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