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Ipe’s Many Names: Brazilian Walnut and Lapacho

Ipe has a few different names but its all the same wood. The most common alternative is Brazilian Walnut Wood, but its also known as Lapacho Wood. While its hard to determine where these names actually came from its most likely that Brazilian Walnut is just an easier way for English speaking people to say Ipe.


Brazilian Walnut/Ipe Wood Info

  • The Scientific way of saying Ipe is actually Handroanthus spp.
  • Trees are usually about 100 ft.-300 ft. tall
  • It is one of the most dense woods available



Ipe Lumber Pricing: What Ipe actually costs

So you know you want to use Ipe for your decking. Now you just need to figure out what it ipe actually costs. The easiest way to do this is determine if you will be using random lengths or specific lengths Ipe boards.

If using specific lengths you will only need to determine how many boards of what lengths you need. If you are using random lengths you only need to determine the total linear feet required as these random lengths are sold by the foot.

Ipe Cost Random vs. Specific

Random lengths are generally about the same price for small boards. Starting as low as $2.15/linear foot for both specific and random lengths. However for longer boards, such as the 20′ ones it starts at about $2.95/linear foot. This is because we are able to use any board length from our inventory for random lengths. If you are wanting specific length boards in longer sizes it will cost a bit more but may well be worth that if it meets your projects requirements.

Ipe Lumber Prices

You will find our prices to be usually lower then our competitors especially when you put into account the shipping.  We have special shipping agreements that make it so that your Ipe ends up costing less to your door or shipping terminal. If you find a lower price feel free to contact us 800-677-1614.

Additional Ipe Costs

There is really no other cost to Ipe except you will need fasteners and sealer.

Ipé Wood: Pronounced EPay Wood

The correct way to spell Ipé is Ipé. However the correct way to say Ipé is [E-Pay], [Epay], [Ee-pay] or [Eepay]. Often people will spell it with a regular “e” such as [Ipe] as it is not common in the United States for us to use the “é” because there is no ‘é’ button a the keyboard.

Throughout the site you will see us reference it both ways the reason for this is simply that people do not frequently search for Ipé. However when you are using your beautiful new Ipé deck, now you know how to tell your friends you have a new Epay wood deck.

Of course the “é” is whats called an “acute accent” and it is used in Spanish, Portuguese and French. Since the wood comes from South America and Central America this makes a lot more sense.

The Best Place to Buy Ipê and Garapa Lumber for Decking

Welcome to

We are in the business of importing and processing lumber, and we pass along the savings to you. This site is loaded with a variety of lengths and profiles of ipê and garapa lumber.

Build It Yourself and Save, but Don’t Compromise on Materials

If you have a great deck plan and some tools, you may be tempted to head to your  local lumberyard and get some pressure-treated pine to get your own deck project started. But can we recommend you consider a more durable wood like ipê? Ipê is an extraordinarily dense hardwood grown in tropical regions. It’s rated for a 75-year useful life in outdoor applications. You’ll find ipê is the wood of choice for some of the most beautiful and durable decks that have been built.

We encourage you to save money by building it yourself. But don’t compromise on materials cost. Sure, ipê and garapa cost more than your run of the mill pressure-treated boards you’ll find at your lumberyard or big-box retailer. However, we are convinced ipê is worth it. Save money and lock in a solid value. Choose ipê today!

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